Unmatched in Coastal Clarity & All-Day Comfort

Torch Shallow Polarized Lenses are uniquely engineered for inshore anglers looking for laser-sharp optical clarity on even the brightest of days.

Advanced Lens Technology, Trusted by Expert Anglers


Our lens technology reinforces the brightness of colors by bringing to life the natural hues of the surrounding environment and guaranteeing high levels of optic performance even in very bright conditions. All this helps the brain to quickly and comfortably analyze environmental conditions–so you can see the fish before the fish see you.

Introducing the Next Generation of Performance Eyewear


  • Torch lenses provide optimal clarity and sharp vision at all angles, so you always have a high-definition, glare-free view of the water.
  • Filter out noisy colors so you can enjoy ultra-clear vision without glare or distortion.
  • Deep-cut high-wrap eight base lenses prevent backlight from sneaking around or under and keep your vision laser-sharp.


  • An eight-base lens with a frameless base for complete visibility at every angle.
  • These sunglasses blend an ultra-lightweight build with a semi-rimless design for maximum visibility.
  • Impact-resistant lenses and durable, lightweight frames keep you agile and in the moment at all times.


  • With a sleek unisex design and a frame that will outperform the comptition, Torch sunglasses are the best eyewear in terms of style, visual appeal, and all-day comfort.
  • Optimized for ventilation and airflow, Torch frames are ideal for sports and recreation–from the boat to the baseball field.
  • Our quick-fit interchangeable lens system allows you to maintain your edge in changing light conditions.


Optimized for bright sunlight, our deep-polarized, blue-mirrored lens is designed for vivid color enhancement and our molecular-infused polarized lenses offer astonishing clarity. A gray base makes these lenses ideal for deep-sea and offshore anglers.


UV rays are not fully stopped by the atmosphere. Some surfaces–like water–can even increase UV ray reflections. Shield your eyes from UVA, UVB, UVC, harmful blue light, and many other rays–so you can protect your vision while you stand up to the elements.

Featured In

Conquer the Deep Blue

Gear up for the day and cut through the glare. Protect your vision for a day’s worth of boosting your visibility. With contrast-enhancing lenses and obstruction-free frames, you’ll never have to take your eye off the prize.



Find Your Fit

Torch has become synonymous with the highest quality eyewear because we pay attention to every detail–even face shape. Choose the edge that works for you.

With a super lightweight build and a frameless base, DNA sunglasses are made for anglers who prefer maximum visibility. Flexible temples tipped with rubber socks offer a secure fit on any and every face.
Unmatched in Coastal Clarity & All-Day Comfort.
Prescription lenses are available in all styles.

Sleek and durable, Devan sunglasses are optimized for ventilation and airflow. Designed to eliminate nose and bridge pinching for all-day comfort, these frames are pure efficiency. These wide-fit frames are ideal for full face shapes.
Prescription lenses are available in all styles.


With quick-fit interchangeable arms and a built-in removable lanyard, these frames are ready for whatever the day brings. These standard fit frames best fit medium and full-size faces.
Prescription lenses are available in all styles.

Designed with full coverage around the temples, HotBox frames put an end to harsh lighting entering the peripheral. These standard fit frames are ideal for medium and full-size faces.
Prescription lenses are available in all styles.

Enhance Your

Torch Lenses are made to feel like they were hand-crafted for you alone–and when you shop prescription, they literally are made just for you.

Prescription lenses are available in all styles.

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- “Fast” Eddie Fernandes,
2018 Masters World Long Drive Champion  

As a professional athlete who competes on the world Long Drive Tour, the eyewear I wear has to be good looking, lightweight, crystal clear and comfortable. Torch delivers on every level and then some! Best eyewear on the planet!

- “Fast” Eddie Fernandes,
2018 Masters World Long Drive Champion