Pursue your passion. When it comes to doing what you love, you don’t cut corners. You rise before the sun, practice for perfection and push your body to extremes, all in the name of the day’s biggest catch, a legendary drive, or shattering personal bests. You don’t take greatness for granted, and neither should your gear. We are Torch Eyewear and we design sunglasses, apparel and outdoor gear for protection, performance and chasing your passion.

Why Torch?

From wave checks and powder runs, to flats fishing and pin seeking, we’ve got you covered.

We have deep roots in the world of sunglasses and helped shape modern-day eyewear. Now, we’re redefining and raising the standard of quality with a relentless focus on protection, prevention and performance. We’re in this to make the best sunglasses and gear available, and we won’t settle for anything less.

That’s why we’ve obsessed over every detail, material and functional feature. Because you can’t afford to lose any visibility when you’re getting up and down, or angling in the early morning glare.

Our injection-molded frames, manufactured in Italy by generations of craftsmanship, boast both style and substance for all-day comfort and complete coverage. And our exclusive lens coatings give you crisp contrast and clarity, just what you need whether you’re reading greens, tracking trout or refueling trackside between runs.

And it’s that combination of lightweight, functional frames and polarized lens technology that acts as sunscreen for your eyes. Total protection and game-changing performance for whatever your day holds—that’s what Torch is all about.