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the kelvin

American style and fine Italian craftsmanship define our polished, sleek aviator frame.


Trusted by pro athletes who demand the highest quality and clarity


Focus on your performance by bringing out specific colors and details

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Trusted By Pro Athletes

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What our customers are saying

Have used several others brands thru the years out on the water I have one word for TORCH. AWESOME!!

John T

A friend turned me on to Torch and it is a good news story. I have found sunglasses that exceed my expectations and are of the finest quality.

Chuck B

Have had alot of diff. Brands and styles of sunglasses. These are by far the most comfortable glasses on the market. The lenses are unbelievable, i have 2 diff pairs so far. After 1 week of wearing these i retired my Ray Bans, im a Torch Eyewear guy for life now.


The DNA frame with the specialist golf lens were the perfect product for me to wear on the golf course. Great protection, lightweight and they work in various light conditions. I would highly recommend!

James D

These glasses preform amazing I’m an avid bass fisherman and having the lightest pair of glasses is key when wearing them all day. Also the second best thing is having the ability to change out the lenses from deep to shallow is key just an amazing product.

Lance Dietz

These sunglasses are high quality and work great to block the sun whether you are mowing the lawn or hitting the links. Highly recommend!


I have owned many top end sports sunglasses and find the Torch polarized lenses to be excellent. Snug fit and full eye coverage which are key for active sports.


The glasses are very clear and comfortable and customer service was excellent I had questions and everything was taken care of with no problems excellent job.


The Kennedy offered three features that I was interested in . They are lightweight. The lenses are clear & they have good gripping power. I can wear them outdoors & not worry about them slipping off my face when I look down. Lastly, the classic frame shape gets style points.


These are the best sunglasses I have ever worn, from fit, to clarity & comfort! I would recommend trying a pair to experience them for yourself! Torch is my brand!

Mickey Rudd

I love these glasses. My cousin got me to try his on after that I had to have a pair. I also work for ups driving all day and these glasses are so lite you don't even know there on your face.

Shane Hodges

I got turned on to Torch Eyewear in 2018 I bought a pair of the Devans and they buy far were they best fitting sunglasses that I have owned. in 2019 I got a pair of the Hotboxes and they are very comfortable as well and the lens are perfect for shallow water fishing.

Donny Bennett

I love my Torch Eyewear sunglasses ! They have an amazingly comfortable fit and the lenses give such clarity to things and they make me look great.

Todd Parrott

The best fitting most comfortable eyewear I have ever worn. The lenses are like looking through a 4K tv. Nothing better period!!

Rob Waters

These glasses I ordered surpassed the quality I expected! The colors on the polarized ones pop! I would call them the Rolex of sunglasses.

Doug Meine

Have worn Oakleys and many other golf glasses for years. When I finally got a pair of these notice right away how much better they are. Reason why got 3 pairs and only wear Torch from now on.


Great quality sunglasses. Only thing better than the sunglasses is the customer service. Unparalleled.

Chuck Batten

Been wearing RayBans and Oakley's forever then came across Torch. Glad I did! Others don't compare. Bought three pairs...DNA for me (with golf lens), DNA and Devan for two sons.

Mike M

The Kennedy’s are amazing. Knowing where the DNA of this company comes from, it’s refreshing to see thoughtfulness and care being put in high-quality frames again. I cannot recommend Torch Eyewear enough.

Tommy S

The design , function and durability of this eye wear is second to none, and the lenses are exceptional and pleasing to my eyes in all conditions whether on the water, driving or anywhere the Florida sun is shining.

Chris Eads

I use these glasses for shooting sports as well as running and I absolutely love them. I do like more of my eye area covered so they’re perfect for that. I have air silver polarized and clear lenses. The polarized are fantastic for shooting in the bright Florida sun.


Awesome pair of sunglasses. Purchased for playing golf and and have no problem tracking the ball. Great product and customer service.

Jim E

Love these glasses, fit well, comfortable all day on the water!


Excellent quality both lenses and frames. Perfect fit. Customer service is top notch.

Brandon Bernstein

I wear contacts and have hay fever so I’ve always used sunglasses for golf. I’m new to Torch but having tried all the old brands I’m delighted with my Torch sunglasses. Great coverage (vital for me), the best colours so least distortion and depth perception. I may never take them off!!! Thank you guys. Simon

Simon Holmes

The glasses are awesome, I have all the other brands but I always grab the Torches when I’m heading out, by far my favorites!


I wear the DNA for driving and golf. They have the perfect protection for my eyes. I would recommend them to everyone.

Mike Erickson

As a professional golf caddie, wearing the right sunglasses is important as we are most of time outdoors, exposed to sun rays. My Torch DNA sunglasses are so comfortable: light, with a great design, and the lenses relax my eyes all day long. I also wear my Torch Kennedy a lot, at work or chilling. Simply cannot live without both pairs anymore. Best sunglasses I have ever had.

Basile Dalberto

Love these sunglasses fit my face perfect also the lenses are so clear and crisp. Recommend them highly.

Kathy VanLoon

The glasses are great - perfect fit and they are holding their integrity of form perfectly. The lenses help a lot, whether on the beach, at the pool or on the golf course. I love the frame design!

Larry Meadows

Free shipping and returns

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