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Super light-weight build and a frameless base for maximum visibility

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UV rays are not fully stopped by the atmosphere. Some surfaces can also increase UV ray reflections.

Shield your eyes from UVA, UVB and UVC. Our lenses also protect against harmful blue light and many other rays.

Tri Cam Hinge

3 Point Hinge for Stability and Support

Flexible Temples

Tipped with rubber socks for a comfortable, secure fit that eliminates extra pressure so you can focus on what matters.

About Us

Pursue your passion. When it comes to doing what you love, you don’t cut corners. You rise before the sun, practice for perfection and push your body to extremes, all in the name of the day’s biggest catch, a legendary drive, or shattering personal bests. You don’t take greatness for granted, and neither should your gear. We are Torch Eyewear and we design sunglasses, apparel and outdoor gear for protection, performance and chasing your passion.

Torch Lens Technology

Get precise colors while drowning out unwanted hues. Incredible contrast to enhance any environment.

Our lens technology reinforces the brightness of colors. Bringing to life the natural hues of the surrounding environment. Guaranteeing high levels of vision performance even in very bright conditions All this helps the brain to quickly analyze outside environmental conditions resulting in faster and more precise action time.


Which pair is right for you?

Not sure which one to choose? We selected our most popular sunglasses. Compare and choose the best version for your needs.


Height: 45mm, Width: 146mm

Height: 50mm, Width: 142mm

Height 43.2mm, Width: 146mm


Height: 40mm, Width: 65mm

Height: 43.5mm, Width: 56mm

Height: 41.5mm, Width: 66.3mm


Length: 126mm

Length: 142mm

Length: 120mm 

Style Feature

Flexible temples tipped with rubber socks for a comfortable, secure fit that eliminates extra pressure so you can focus on what matters.

Clean, smooth lines and comfort-boosting design in a lightweight frame. Multi-cam hinge adds stability and support to a timeless style.

Full temples eliminate harsh light entering from the sides while you’re out on the water or in between sessions.