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Devan - Matte Grey Camo - Polarized Air Pearl
Devan - Matte Grey Camo - Polarized Air Pearl
Devan - Matte Grey Camo - Polarized Air Pearl
Devan - Matte Grey Camo - Polarized Air Pearl
Devan - Matte Grey Camo - Polarized Air Pearl
Devan - Matte Grey Camo - Polarized Air Pearl
Polarized Air Pearl


Matte Grey Camo


Sleek and durable, Devan sunglasses are your go-anywhere, do-anything frame—they are built for efficiency. Precision engineered to sit comfortably on your face while transforming your view of the world around you, every element featured in the Devan’s design plays a part in making them an indispensable part of your kit.

This style features:

  • Eight-base lens with frameless base for complete visibility at every angle.
  • Designed to eliminate nose and bridge pinching for all-day comfort.
  • Optimized ventilation and airflow ideal for sports and recreation, from the boat to the baseball field.
  • Five different lens tint options suited for varying light conditions and activities, including deep and shallow polarization for all-environment fishing.
  • Impact-resistant lenses and durable, lightweight frames to keep you agile and in the moment, not adjusting your sunglasses.
  • Built-in removable lanyard with multi-cam hinge for stability and support, even during extreme sports.
  • Quick-fit interchangeable lens system to enhance your performance in any light condition.

Size specs:

  • Fit - Full Size
  • Frame - Height 45.7mm, 146mm
  • Lens - Height 43.3mm, Width 73.2mm
  • Temple - Length 122mm

Tech Features

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Made with the highest-grade polycarbonate. 10x stronger than glass and plastic.

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Quickly swap lenses to suit the conditions and keep performing.

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Our Italian frames come in the strongest, military-grade nylon.

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No breakable metal parts. Our tri-cam hinge sits in the frame for extra strength.

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Our lenses use ultra-clear polarization to bring everything into total clarity.

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Blocks UVA, UVB & UVC. Also protects against harmful blue light and other rays.

Polarized Air Pearl Lenses

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This chrome-mirrored, charcoal-based polarized lens is one of a kind—a complete mirror for the sun. The polarized Air Pearl lens tint has a grey base that provides color enhancement technology, eliminates glare and reduces eye fatigue. We designed this lens for the everyday environment—for any athlete who needs advanced lens technology with 100% UV protection.


Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloud, Fog, Low Light


Driving - Racing, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Fishing – Water Sports, Outdoor – Leisure, Baseball, Field Sports, Golf, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Snow, Surf


Have used several others brands thru the years out on the water I have one word for TORCH. AWESOME!!

John T

A friend turned me on to Torch and it is a good news story. I have found sunglasses that exceed my expectations and are of the finest quality.

Chuck B

Have had alot of diff. Brands and styles of sunglasses. These are by far the most comfortable glasses on the market. The lenses are unbelievable, i have 2 diff pairs so far. After 1 week of wearing these i retired my Ray Bans, im a Torch Eyewear guy for life now.


The DNA frame with the specialist golf lens were the perfect product for me to wear on the golf course. Great protection, lightweight and they work in various light conditions. I would highly recommend!

James D

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