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Customize your Torch sunglasses with the right lens for the job, every time. Our quick-fit, interchangeable lens system lets you:

Swap out lenses for changing light conditions. If you cast your first line as the sun peeked over the horizon and put your tackle box away once it sunk back down, chances are you experienced a full spectrum of light conditions while out on the water. Prep for anything with interchangeable lenses designed to perform in low-light, sunny, foggy or cloudy environments.   

Replace lost or scratched lenses. While every Torch lens has been tested to ensure maximum impact resistance, a high-octane hobby may mean scratches are inevitable. Replace your scratched or lost lenses at a fraction of the cost of a new pair of sunglasses and get back to your passion.  

Optimize your vision with sport-specific lenses. Having the right equipment for a job makes a world of difference. Make sure you’ve got the tools you need to go the distance with sunglass lenses designed to push your performance in specific sports and settings. From premium golf lenses to polarized lenses for deep-water fishing, our interchangeable lens system lets you customize and optimize your gear.   

Interchangeable lenses are available in our DNA, DNA Small, Devan, HotShot and HoleShot styles.