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UV rays are not fully stopped by the atmosphere. Some surfaces can also increase UV ray reflections.

Shield your eyes from UVA, UVB and UVC. Our lenses also protect against harmful blue light and many other rays.

Enhanced Color & Contrast

Get precise colors while drowning out unwanted hues. Incredible contrast to enhance any environment.

Our lens technology reinforces the brightness of colors. Bringing to life the natural hues of the surrounding environment. Guaranteeing high levels of vision performance even in very bright conditions All this helps the brain to quickly analyze outside environmental conditions resulting in faster and more precise action time.

Interchangeable Lenses

Customize your Torch sunglasses with the right lens for the job, every time. Our quick-fit, interchangeable lens system lets you swap out lenses for changing light conditions.

Prep for anything with interchangeable lenses designed to perform in low-light, sunny, foggy or cloudy environments.

Our interchangeable lens system lets you customize and optimize your gear.

Interchangeable lenses are available in our DNA, DNA Small, Devan, HotShot and HoleShot styles.