DNA - White - Golf
DNA - White - Golf
DNA - White - Golf
DNA - White - Golf
DNA - White - Golf
DNA - White - Golf
DNA - White - Golf

DNA - White - Golf

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With a super light-weight build and a frameless base for maximum visibility, DNA sunglasses are made to meet the most exacting standards for sports equipment and accessories. Every feature, material and finish serves a purpose - to protect and perform when and where you need it.

This style features

  • Flexible temples tipped with rubber socks for a comfortable, secure fit that eliminates extra pressure so you can focus on what matters.
  • Deep-cut high-wrap eight base lenses prevent backlight from sneaking around or under and keep your vision laser sharp.
  • Quick-fit interchangeable lens system with tint options to maintain your edge in changing light conditions.
  • Durable multi-cam hinge for stability and support, plus a frame that will outlast and outperform the competition.

Golf Lens Technology
With 30% visible light transmission (VLT), this rose-based, emerald-mirrored lens is pure art and science. Color enhancement meets complete clarity. Tested and endorsed by top golfers, we’re bringing pro-level performance to your game.

Fishing (Deep and Shallow)
Outdoor Sports
Mountain Biking
Driving‚Äö Racing
Beach Volleyball

Why choose us?

About Torch

You don’t take greatness for granted, and neither should your gear. We are Torch Eyewear and we design sunglasses, apparel and outdoor gear for protection, performance and chasing your passion.

About Us


Have used several others brands thru the years out on the water I have one word for TORCH. AWESOME!!

John T

A friend turned me on too Torch and it is a good news story. I have found sunglasses that exceed my expectations and are of the finest quality.

Chuck B

Contrast-Enhancing Technology

Golf Lenses

Golf collection

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